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Cross Innovation Accelerator underway

Three start-ups enter first round of new Hamburg funding programme for cross-sector

Three interdisciplinary start-ups entered Monday (October 8, 2018) the first Cross Innovation Accelerator by the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft based on their projects such as intelligent bicycle shelters, rehab training with playful elements and modular overnight accommodation. Start-ups whose innovations benefit from an interdisciplinary team constellation or from a special mix of creative business and other skills had been selected for the support programme. The companies are now undergoing a six-week, intensive programme to develop their business ideas. Hamburg News provides an overview of the participating start-ups in the following:

The founding duo behind Bigsistersboyfriendsbar combines expertise in scenography, product and service design as well as gastronomic experience and business management. Matilde Frank and Oliver Mägel have developed an innovative accommodation system based on modular cabins that can be flexibly integrated into commercial properties. Travellers find a hostel on small surface at reasonable, overnight prices. “Our concept offers the traveller the most important thing, which he needs abroad: a clean, comfortable bed with sufficient privacy and digital comfort in a pleasant environment,” said the duo.

A virtual reality application designed by Metronus promises playful rehabilitation in the jungle or Superman costumes, inexpensive, independent of locations and above all effectiveness. Taher Pham, a doctor and founder of the company, put his idea for a VR-based training programme to treat orthopaedic injuries into concrete terms last summer during an academy run by the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft. Pham is moving into the accelerator with co-founders Markus Käding and Max Braun. “We are hoping for new contacts and coaching that opens up a new perspective for us,” he said. The team combines technical know-how from medicine, business administration, product development, games design and VR.

The CycleHome team is aiming for more bicycles than cars, less pollution and noise in the city. To achieve these goals, the company has come up with a modular, expandable and adaptable bicycle garages that can be set up at different locations across the city. An app expands the possible uses. Industrial mechanic and journalist Daniel Hautmann, designer Constanze Jakob, agronomist Ernest Mitschke, business economist Anne Schernus and industrial designer Sebastian Mends-Cole joined the team during the Startup Days held by the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft in February. “To put our parking modules on the road, various qualifications are required, which we can cover very well with our team constellation,” said the team.

Six-week intensive programme

The Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft is funding a six-week programme and offering the teams professional qualification measures and the opportunity to network and make key contacts in the city. The participating firms are developing their business ideas intensely backed by experts. At a public closing event on November 15, 2018, the start-ups will pitch their business models to an expert jury. Participants receive well-founded feedback and stand to win cash and non-cash prizes worth EUR 10,000.

Several support programmes for start-ups across Hamburg

The city also offers various industry-specific accelerator programmes – from media to aviation and logistics. The Next Logistics Accelerator was founded in 2017 by the Hamburger Sparkasse, Logistik-Initiative Hamburg and New Time Ventures as an industry-specific, multi-corporate accelerator and entered its first round this summer. The Next Commerce Accelerator was also launched in 2017 based on the model of the Next Media Accelerator, which has now entered its seventh round. The recipe for success is based on a structure that includes established companies as shareholders.

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