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A Content Broker for the Fashion Industry

With the Fashion Cloud, the founders of Look Local created a useful interface for manufacturers and distributors of fashion

Look Local is changing the fashion industry – not with a new fashion trend, but with an innovative digitisation tool. The product of Look Local is the fashion cloud – a cloud that enables the exchange of digital content, such as product images and descriptions, logos, videos and marketing material in the fashion industry. The fashion cloud structures the product portfolio of the manufacturer and places it on a B2B online trading platform. In addition, the content broker acts as an interface for the fashion industry’s digital communication channels.

Known Labels

In early 2015, the fashion insider René Schnellen, business consultant Martin Brücher, and software developer Florian Klemt developed their business idea. Even though content brokers exist in many sectors, they are still missing in fashion. In March 2015, the company was officially formed. Today, the startup headquartered in Hamburg-Altona employs three full-time employees. According to the company, Kook is currently working with with 30 fashion retailers and 28 manufacturers and brands, including famous names such as Bugatti, comma, or Marc O ‘Polo. In addition, the startup is networking with licensing partners and has entered technical co-operations.

Brand Finder Up-To-Date

“In order to counteract frequency losses, stationary trading is currently heavily investing into digital communications channels like apps, displays, newsletters, or websites. These are all based on product data and a key visual, with usually is not available to trader or has to be produced at hight cost”, explains co-founder Brücher. As a practical example of the benefits of cloud fashion, he quote the brand finder used by fashion websites. Often, the information retrieved by the brand finder is scarce, wrong, or outdate, Brücher says. With the fashion cloud, all data can be easily kept up-to-date and aligned to corporate.

Blogger Content in the Cloud

The key to the uniform manufacturer presentation is an open API that allows to transport content from the cloud is transported to the trader’s website. The brand page on the website is just one of many applications. Diverse content can be transferred through innovative interface solutions to numerous communication channels. Still, there are more ideas in the pipeline. “We are working on features to include a completely underestimated target group: the thousands upon thousands of fashion bloggers. So far, their content is primarily utilized in their blog and social media channels. We can offer them a new platform with additional coverage: the communication channels of the fashion trade”, said Brücher.

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