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Cloud Heating - Green Heating

Autumn returned, chimneys are warming up, and heating is back on. Cloud heating is an eco-friendly heating technology, which makes it possible to reliably store data

Large corporate server systems as well as individual computers in private households produce heat. Often, this extra warmth is cooled down by air conditioners. This is producing unnecessary CO2 emissions, Finn Malte Hinrichsen realised in 2012 – and turned his observation into a business idea. Hinrichsen developed a heat exchange technology that makes use of the heat generated by computers, and reduces the need for heating with gas or oil.

Cheap Heat

The server with the heat exchange technology of cloud heating are placed where there is a corresponding heat demand. A basic requirement for operating the server is a fiber optic connection to the Internet and a powerful power supply. In return, the customer is asked for the provision of appropriate facilities for a heat generating and a heat exchange system, with the heating power available at low cost.

Secure Green Cloud Green

At the same time, the server serve as computing centres of the green cloud operated by cloud heating, the second product of startups. Connected via encrypted lines, the servers form a large data center located at multiple sites. Since the data from the Green Cloud is replicated on each server, a server failure does not disturb the operation result.

Relocating to Hamburg

Customers of cloud heating are primarily startups from Hamburg. This was also the reason for the company’s relocation to Hamburg in early 2014. “The startup ecosystem is much better in Hamburg than Kiel”, says the Hinrichsen, who has studied business informatics. In addition, cloud heating has been funded by the “SpeedUp Europe Accelerator program!”: Http: // since 2014 with an amount of up to 50,000 euro.

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