Drohnenaufnahme des Campus Finkenau der HAW Hamburg © Julian Kornacker

Claussen Simon Foundation honours HAW projects

Prize money for drone journalism and buidling a hydrogen-powered, ultralight aircraft

The Claussen Simon Foundation presented Tuesday (December 4, 2018,) a total of EUR 360,000 to nine teaching and learning projects at schools and universities across Hamburg. The winners include two professors from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW). Prof. Dr. Frank Felix Kruse received EUR 78,000 for the project “HY-TO-FLY:Design and Production of an Ultralight Aircraft with Hydrogen Propulsion while Prof. Dr. Christian Stöcker received a grant of EUR 66,000 for the “Drone Journalism and Immersive Storytelling” project.

Modern journalism with drones

As part of the drone journalism project, students in HAW’s Master programme in Digital Communication are trying out innovative technologies for journalism as part of daily editorial work in the university’s own newsroom and in interdisciplinary, practical projects. The focus is on drones and 360 degree journalism and is backed by experts in the media and digital industries.

Ultralight and environment-friendly

Private sports aircraft fly mainly large-volume combustion engines. An aircraft with a hydrogen-powered Wankel engine has yet to be built owing to a gap between experience and knowledge. As part of the HY-TO-FLY project, a hydrogen-powered ultra light aircraft is to be developed and built in co-operation with students, professors, scientific and technical staff and partners in industry.

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