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Children TV Series "Die Pfefferkörner" Recognised for Environmental Efforts

"Die Pfefferkörner" are the first children programme to be honoured with the quality seal "Grüner Drehschlüssel" (Green Shooting Card)

The children series “Die Pfefferkörner“ broadcasted by NDR has been awarded the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, FFHSH) Green Shooting Card. After “Notruf Hafenkante“, “Großstadtrevier“ and “Der Tatortreiniger“, it has the first children series and fourth production by Letterbox Filmproduktion recognised for sustainable filming with the certified Northern German quality seal.

Green Electricity and Efficient LED Lighting

To reduce the impact of filming on the environment, catering no longer used plastic cups or paper plates, but reusable containers. Digital distribution of shooting schedules and call sheets also reduced the waste of paper. The car pool was downsized, public transport or other means of green transport used more frequently. When shooting two or more days, a fixed-line power supply was procured. Mobile power was retrieved from low low-emission generator vans from Cine-Mobil. Last but not least, LED lights allowed to further reduced energy consumption.

Sustainability – A Topic Important to Children

“We are very pleased that also a children’s series has now been recognised for its commitment in sustainability with the Green Shooting Card . While implementing green measures at the set, we noticed that sustainability is an important issue for children, which they face very open and in a very committed way”, said Michael Lehmann, CEO of Studio Hamburg Production Group.Christiane Dopp FFSH added: Since the last series, the team of “Die Pfefferkörner” has been implementing many eco-friendly measures. I am thus very delighted to honour these efforts with the Green Shooting Card and to make these efforts visible.”

Free Carbon Impact Calculator for Film Productions

The FFHSH is meeting with producers to investigate the possibilities of initiating support for sustainable production at a very early stage. The film fund consultants call these possibilities to the attention of producers before they apply for support. The FFHSH accepts in their appraisals additional measures that producers take, such as a sustainable production concept prepared with a green consultant during development, in order to make a sustainable production more effective. The FFHSH also accepts in its calculation any costs disbursed for hiring a Green Runner or an Eco Supervisor. This measure goes hand-in-hand with the training workshops (see above) that the Film Commission organizes over the course of the year in order to develop sustainable concepts for the different crafts involved in production, such as lighting and production design. The FFHSH also provides a complimentary carbon calculator in order to determine a film production’s carbon footprint. With the carbon calculator tool, all essential sources of emissions, such as electricity, fuel consumption, heating, plane tickets, train trips, or hotel accommodation can be measured in order to compare the CO2 output to other available solutions.

40 Productions Honoured with Green Seal

Meanwhile, about 40 productions that received support were awarded with a Green Shooting Card. Next to the above mentioned long-running TV series, also full-length feature films were awarded the seal, including the crowd-pleaser comedy Buddy by Michel Bully Herbig; the road movie Kleine Ziege, sturer Bock, and the tragicomedy Schrotten.

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