Die Kale&Me Gründer in der Vox Show "Die Höhle der Löwen" © VOX / Bernd-Michael Maurer

Kale&Me to lure investor Frank Thelen with carrots, ginger, pineapples and lemons

Kale&Me to go on VOX TV's "Lion's Den" - interview with Annemarie Heyl, co-founder

“Pamela Pine”, “Rosy Roots” and “Catie Carrot” are just some of the fruit juices created by the Hamburg-based start-up Kale&Me. Annemarie Heyl got the inspiration for the cold-pressed fitness drinks during a holiday in Cape Town, South Africa where, “The trend towards cold-pressed juices is much stronger”, she said. Since May 2015, she and her co-founders Konstantin Timm und David Vinnitski have been selling the vitamin drinks online. The trio will be riveted to their TV sets Tuesday when the second edition of VOX TV’s “The Lion’s Den” (DHDL), in which they appear, is aired tonight. Annemarie spoke to Hamburg News in an interview.

Hamburg News: Annemarie, why did you decide to take part in DHDL?

Annemarie: We have known the show since the first season. At the time, a student at the university I was attending, took part. I found that so courageous that I could barely imagine being in front of the camera myself at some stage. And now that has happened. We share an office in St. Pauli with the Spottster start-up who took part in the last season of DHDL. The founder, Freya Oehle, encouraged us to apply. At the time, we were wondering whether it would be worth bringing an investor aboard.

Hamburg News: What will you do, if you win or lose?

Annemarie: If we win, we will try to achieve sustainable growth and to expand our business activities. There are plans for new products, but we have to spend more money on marketing at long last and one of our main priorities is to modernise and expand our production. We will continue the concentration on the online market and we will also go to greater efforts in retail at the same time. If we lose, we will still grow organically and cannot implement everything at once. Nonetheless, you can look forward to a few of our new products this year and the path to over-the-counter trade continues as well.

Hamburg News: Who are the people behind Kale&Me?

David, Konstantin and me (Annemarie) are the people who started Kale&Me. Meanwhile, we have a great team without whose assistance we would be absolutely stuck. So, we would like to take this opportunity and thank them all for their great work and for last week’s overtime spent preparing our appearance on DHDL.

Last week, two Hamburg-based start-ups Limberry and Ankerkraut appeared on the VOX TV show. Hamburg News wishes the nice founders of Kale&Me the best of luck and every success like their predecessors on the show, who came away with a good haul.

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