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The New Business Network of the Music Industry

Musicians and producers have already been using Music2Deal. New updates planed for 2016

“You are connected via XING, Facebook & Co., you seen one another perhaps once or twice a year at meetings and events, but still, you hardly know what your collegue or business partner is working on or looking for. Thus, many business opportunities are being missed”, says Mario Christiani, founder of Music2Deal. His business platform not only allows to find new business contacts, but also to stay in touch with existing business friends, enter new news, answer request, and exchange ideas and expertise.

Lifting the Miracle on Music Trends

Just recently, the website has been relaunched with some additional features. New added were, for example,an enhanced search function with multiple filters and a matching system, which indicates profiles that are best suited the users needs. To stay tuned with industry trends and business opportunities, friends receive emailss and pinboard messages once new offers or requests have been submitted.

Founder Mario Christiani is not only a graduate of business administration, but is also a passionate guitarist and vocalist. Thus combining economic expertise and industry insights, he his preparing the next big update of Music2Deal, with an improved messaging system being introduced in early 2016.

New Investors

Music2Deal is a 2001 spin-off of the e Internet company Music Plaza, founded by Christiani in the late 1990s. Launched in Hamburg, the platform has meanwhile expanded to more than 30 countries through its 25 franchise partners. Their local knowledge of the music industry is one of the assets of Music2Deal.

Christiani has been using funds from his second pillar, i.e. the IT agency AIPC, to finance his business concept. In 2016, he hopes to expand the network with funds from investors. Currently, the platform comprises more than 10,000 verified members of the Platform, including Michael Bisping, ASS Concerts (Dave Steward, Bob Geldof), Tony Catania (Scatman John), Charles Foskett (Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello), and Stuart Epps (Elton John, Led Zeppelin).

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