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BDW event in Hamburg points to essence of emails in 21st century

Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft to present new study on "KPIs in Email Marketing"

The Federal Association of Digital Business (BVDW) is to highlight the essence of emails in the 21st century during a digital economy event on November 9th. Cyrill Gross, Key Account Manager at Mayoris, a leading email marketing agency in Switzerland, will use examples and figures to show how the user’s experience with interactive elements, animation and forms can be taken to the next level. Experts in the focus group email at BVDW will then discuss an as yet unreleased study on “KPIs in Email Marketing” and analyse the latest developments. A BVDW event on October 20th will focus on the Working World 4.0.

Events on digital transformation

The BVDW hosts 70 annual events with well over 5,000 delegates about market-related results, developments and trends. It also encourages dialogue within the sector at the same time. The event on October 20th is entitled “Networked, digital, flexible – changes in the working world 4.0 (Vernetzt, digital, flexibel – Veränderungen der Arbeitswelt 4.0”). Both the types of work and working conditions and not only technical procedures are impacted by digitalization. Working 4.0 refers to fundamental change, which will hit both a company and personnel management as well the demands placed on employees.

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