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bentekk planning new version of measuring instrument

Startup SERIES - Part 3: Young founders get scientific know-how at TU Startup Dock. bentekk founders among beneficiaries

The Hamburg-based start-up, bentekk, was among the most promising firms named by Prof Dr. Ihl, at TUHH’s Startup Dock, in a recent interview with Hamburg News. Their measuring instrument protects workers from hazardous chemicals like benzene, low concentrations of which can pose a health hazard.

Johannes Weber, one of the co-founders, said: “Next, we wish to develop a second version of our measuring instrument with certification as explosion-proof and a stronger Internet of Things approach.” From mid 2017, the company seeks to expand across Europe.

Six-digit investment sum

In April, bentekk obtained six-digit seed financing from the High-Tech Gründerfonds and the Innovationsstarter Fonds Hamburg, Hamburg Startups reported. Then in late May, bentekk won the Hamburg Innovation Awards in the “start” category.

Company founded parallel to university course

Matthias Schmittmann and Johannes Weber, founded bentekk GmbH when they were students at TUHH and the Northern Institute of Technology Management (NIT). The measuring instrument was developed mainly in the Institute for Measurement Technology at TUHH’. At present, bentekk employs five permanent staff and a number of freelancers. But the founders no longer receive support from the Startup Dock. However, the company is still collaborating with the Northern Institute of Technology Management, a private business school on TUHH’s campus.

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