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Award for Hamburg start-up audioguideMe

Great new app links places to insider or background information. More than 100 partners work with the new app

In 2013, The Hamburg-based start-up 6ears UG launched its audioguideMe product as a “platform for exciting stories”, active since 2013. Following the nomination for the German Radio Award 2014, the young company has now been honoured with the German Design Award. The award will be officially granted as “Special Mention” in the “Interactive User Experience” category on 13 February 2015 in Frankfurt am Main.

Let Place Speak For Themselves

As a location-based storytelling app, the audioguide Me links audio data to locations. Once there, they can be retrieved. A map reveals all the places linked with content. More than 100 partners, including radio stations, publishing houses, tourism operators, and producers of podcasts already work with the app.
All content can be adapted and custom-tailored to the user’s interests. Pieces of information on monuments and architecture, travel reports or ongoing stories can be enjoyed while listening to the app. Entertainment or information about one’s own position can also be accessed by the user. Unfortunatley, the app is only available in German and only on sale in app stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Theoretically, however, it may also be of benefit for users worldwide, as all infos are based on Google maps. “By using the app, one can easily post impressions from one’s own travel, publish, and share them”, explains co-founder Paul Bekedorf.

In addition, the audioguideMe Widget can be embedded into websites and linked to locations on a map. The local publishing house Hörbuch Hamburg, for instance, thus presents listening samples of its audio books and links them to the places of action of the respective title.

Public Funding Prepared The Grounds For The Business Success

The founders Paul Bekedorf, Hannes Wirtz, and Christoph Tank have been knowing each other from childhood or student days, and thus know how to successfully work as a team. Their expertise from cultural studies, media / economics, and business psychology resulted in setting up a successful interdisciplinary team. Interns and freelancers support the founders. “We have noticed that countless audio contents exist online, which is scattered on the net. Our goal is to link the stories to the places, where they take place, and to bundle them on a platform”, says Paul Bekedorf. With this goal to present the right information at the right place, they were able to convince the committee of the public start-up funding scheme InnoRampUp and have been promoted ever since. “The funding enabled us to professionally develop the platform. Meanwhile, we can also generate revenues from flat listing fees paid by our commercial partners. For home users, the app is free”, states Bekedorf.

Awarded For Unique App Design

Last year, their success increased. The ongoing development of the project led to new apps and nominations for start-up and creative awards. Jointly developed with appmotion as an Android app, “audioguideMe” was recognised with the German Design Award. Bekedorf: “The nominations and awards show us that we are on the right track and that our product is interesting and forward-looking.”

Currently, the major update of the iOS app is under work. In addition, audioguideMe participates at the App Contest run by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. “For the future, we hope to increase the options of the app and widget. A hashtag system would allow to gather content on specific topics and bundle it by an integrated widget. A homepage, for instance, could thus collect all travel reports to give tourists a taste prior to their city break”, forecast Bekedorf the future of the company.

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