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Hamburg's New Art Lab At The Hubertus Wald Forum

More than an exhibition area: Hamburg's civic gallery Kunsthalle transforms its Hubertus Wald Forum into a place of "artistic research"

After completion of the modernisation of the Hamburger Kunsthalle, the Hubertus-Wald-Forum will not only be used only for the presentation of major exhibitions. In the year 2000 a venue of Hamburg’s Thalia Theater, the space will now be converted into a place of “artistic research” for up to two month.

A Room For New Artistic Knowledge And Experiences

Entitled “Art Lab”, the room will allow to explore new artistic knowledge and experience beyond boundaries in co-operation with innovative partner institutions. In its hybrid function between performing and visual arts, the room will be an ideal place for the implementation of interdisciplinary approaches. It will sit 200 to 400 spectators, depending on the project.

Room For New Experiences

The Art Lab is also the attempt to create resonant experiences in the heart of an established cultural institution, thus allowing or initiating a “rediscovery of the Institution”. In order to promote the exploration of their collections, successful strategies from the off-scene are used to attract visitors.

First partner of the process is Radialsystem V. The Berlin-based creative collective headed by Folkert Uhde are specialists in interdisciplinary projects. As early as 2013, visitors were able to enjoy their performance “Inside Partita zwei” at the Hamburg art gallery.

Audio-Visual Performance Outside / Inside

The first project in the new Art Lab is titled “Outside/Inside”. The acoustic-visual performance merges video art, performance and classical music to raise the questions on the reception of art in today’s “era of volatility.” Outside / inside also deals explicitly with the consequences of the architectural changes of Hamburger Kunsthalle.

In spring 2016, video recordings of musical pieces will be produced around the art gallery in different urban spaces: on the way from the train station, the surrounding bridges to the green area beyond the track surfaces, on the Alster, right in the city traffic. At the Hubertus Wood Forum, the videos will then be projected onto the walls. Musicians first seen in the video, suddenly find themselves in the performance space, while others interact live with their visual avatars. In the course of the evening, everything starts to centralise, the concentration thickens, the interior is more important than the exterior. The show ends in darkness.

Original Composition for Hamburger Kunsthalle

Outside / Inside is a custom production of Hamburger Kunsthalle. It includes compositions by Steve Reich, Ali Askin, Fausto Romitelli, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and improvisations. The Hamburg ensemble Resonance, that stands for urban concepts presenting classical and contemporary music, acts as executive partner. The project is accompanied by the photographer Jim Rakete.

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