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The Big Ports - Home and Exile: arabesques 2016

Starting on 22 January 2016, the Franco-German cultural festival arabesques will be hosting a unique bilateral programme for five weeks

Every year on the Franco-German Day, 22 January, the Franco-German cultural festival arabesques is commencing in the Hamburg metropolitan region, showcasing a unique bilateral programme not only in Hamburg, but also in Stade, Luneburg, Elmshorn, Buxtehude and other towns or Germany’s most northern metro region for five weeks. True to its motto “Culture without Borders – Culture sans frontières” arabesques presents the work of French, Francophone and Francophile artists, citizens, and cultural workers who live in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and its metropo region and initiates the cultural exchange between international artists.

Franco-German Friendship as a Basis for Peace

The festival organisers launched the festival to promote the interest in the French and German language and culture, and thus to strengthen the already strong ties between France and Germany as a driving force for peace process in Europe. From the Franco-German friendship, arabesques looks beyond national borders to international issues.

Home and Exile in Culture

In 2016, arabesques will be dedicated to “Big Ports – Home & Exile”. The focus is on the issues of memory and collective identity, boundaries and alienation. How can we live with migrants and foreigner in a civil and courageous way, will be one of the key questions.

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