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About You online fashion on growth course

Collins expanding in Europe - influencer marketing goes international

About You, the online fashion store launched by Otto’s start-up, Collins, increased sales to EUR 135 million last year exceeding the target of EUR 100 million, the company announced Tuesday (July 11, 2017). Hannes Wiese, co-founder with responsibility for Operations & Finance, said: “We are aiming to double our turnover to between EUR 250 million and EUR 280 million during the current business year.” About You is due to launch in the Netherlands and Belgium in October 2017 and in other European countries later.

Work in e-commerce laboratory

The fashion start-up presently employs 350 staff and has recently developed a new organisational structure. This gives each developer an opportunity to switch between teams and business units to gain experience in different roles. “We see ourselves as a technically-driven organisation that works in a e-commerce laboratory of sorts. This is where we develop new features swiftly to let online shoppers browse,” said Sebastian Betz, who is responsible for Tech & Product.

Collaborating with international stars

Collins is increasingly relying on influencer marketing. Since going live in May 2014, the company has set up co-operations with around 70 influencers. In May 2017, About You celebrated its third year in business with the Influencer Awards and invited over 250 celebrities, influencers and 500 decision-makers in the sector to present awards to the most creative bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTube stars. “The successful interaction of the About You brand with big German influencers is an important part of our company’s DNA. We are staying on course with the About You Awards and are promoting individual style and personalities – both online and offline,” said Tarek Müller, co-founder and Managing Director of Collins.

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