New A7 App Highly Appreciated By Commuters and Drivers

Hamburg's first mobile real-time traffic info recorded more than 28,000 downloads in the first week

Launched roughly a week ago, the free A7 motorway app for android (optimised for version 4.4) and iOS (version 7 and younger) phones has been greatly appreciated by drivers. Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation, said: “28,000 downloads in just one week are an impressive record. The great interest shows that our concept of transparency and comprehensive information for drivers, commuters, and other users of our roads and motorways has been well received. “

Continuous Optimisation

The contents of the app is being continuously optimised and fed with hints and suggestions by users. For instance, traffic camera live streams are modified for the integration of a dynamic road map. As Hamburg’s first mobile traffic portal, the app A 7-Nord helps commuters, drivers, and travellers with travel arrangements and provides the users around the clock to-date with real-time traffic information and information about the expansion of the A 7 in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

Directions and traffic information in real time

Exact and reliable traffic information, complemented by a map with real-time representation of the traffic situation on the A7 and the city of Hamburg, information about current travel times, live stream traffic cameras from the motorways and main hub, and the latest news from the Elbe Tunnel operations centre not only takes individual route planning to new level, but also helps to avoid traffic jams. The app also includes a route planner for Northern Germany. In addition, the app A 7-Nord also provides information and contacts linked to A 7-expansion. A link to the existing mobile information system of Schleswig-Holstein, the app-SH sites (for iOS coming soon) is also available.

Extension on 65 kilometres

The 1.6 bn euro project include widening a 65-km-long stretch of the A7 motorway to six, in some sections eight lanes. The aim of the measures is to reduce traffic jams, which will in turn reduce the risk of accidents occurring on this particular stretch. The investor is HOCHTIEF AG, a long-standing client of KfW IPEX-Bank. Based in Essen, HOCHTIEF is Germany’s largest construction firm and, given its staffcount of about 81,000 it is also one of the industry’s biggest internationally. Apart from HOCHTIEF, the mid-sized company Kemna, which is headquartered in Pinneberg – in close proximity to the works – is also participating in the complex project.

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