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25 Years of the Hamburg School for Master Carpenters

Master pieces still to be exhibited until 30 August. Chamber President Katzer and Hamburg Minister of the Economy, Frank Horch, at the official opening

Creativity and technical skills at the highest level are being showcased by Hamburg’s carpenters. In 2015, their training facility is celebrating its 25 years: the Hamburg School for Master Carpenters. Until 30 August 2015, it will be presenting masterpieces of carpentry in the gallery of the Hamburg Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts. The master school is a facility of ELBCAMPUS, jointly operated by the Hamburg Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts and the carpenters’ guild. There, carpenter journeymen are being trained to become masters of their craft.

Master School Secures the Provision of Skilled Workers

First visitors of the show displayed in the anniversary year were the Hamburg Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation, Frank Horch, and chamber president Josef Katzer. In their speeches held on Monday, they congratulated the school on 25 years of successful sustainable training in artisan skills. “95 per cent of craft apprentices are being trained by master craftsmen. There, the young people learn how to provide the best quality in craftsmanship, a fact clearly illustrated by the exhibition of carpentry masterpieces”, said chamber president Josef Katzer. “Each master school is a School for Entrepreneurs. By responsibly running their workshop, female and male masters in the crafts secure jobs and ensure the provision of skilled workers.”

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Creative Masterpieces

Until today, some 820 apprentices were trained by the master school of carpenters in Hamburg. In 2015, 24 master carpenters from the Hamburg master school of carpenters, four external master carpenters, and 17 master students from the Hamburg vocational school G6 wood engineering, colour, textile are being showcased in the gallery. All 45 exhibits are exceptional in design and technology. Creations range from the bar cabinet in the form of a large bottle of whiskey to the canopy bed as resting island, a futuristic desk, and a traditional grandfather clock in ultra-modern look.

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