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200,000 Visitors At Bucerius Art Forum

Exhibitions on Pompeii, Mondrian, and Ludwig Kirchner were crowd-pullers. Nearly all events fully booked

The Bucerius Kunst Forum looks back on a successful year of: in 2014, highlights from Mondrian to Pompeii attracted more than 200,000 visitors to the exhibition hall at city hall square. With approx. 90,000 visitors, “Pompeii. Gods. Myths. Peopl” was last year’s most visited exhibition.

Up To 20 Groups Per Day

For the first time, the exhibition showcased one of the largest palaces of Vesuvius city with all its frescoes and works of art. Managing Director Andreas Hoffmann is pleased with the result: “Each day, up to 1,500 guests visited the Pompeii exhibition. Our guides were constant at work, with some guiding more than 20 groups per day.”

Mondrian: The Relevance Of Colour

“In 2014, our goal was confront modern classics with themes relevant today”, said Ortrud Westheider, director of the art gallery. Thus, Bucerius Kunst Forum kicked off last year by taking a new look at one of the most influential painters of the 20th century in “Mondrian. Colour” . The show was the first to show one to highlight the importance of color in the work of Piet Mondrian.

Almost All Events Fully-Booked

“Kirchner. Expressionist Experiment” took place in summer as part of the series on classical modernism. Latest research results on printmaking artist’s work provided an opportunity to introduce the variety of techniques and Kirchner’s innovative approach to the medium.

According to art forum, the programme of events accompanying the exhibition were also highly appreciated. Nearly all events, including concerts, readings, lectures, and discussion,were sold out within a short time.

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