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Opening of European XFEL in DESY Hamburg - milestone for science and commerce

What do a talk entitled “Deep Learning for Dummies” and a reply to a question about the benefits of coloured cells for research have in common with a call for more party-political activity? Well, they all last exactly 12 minutes at – a hit event that originated in Hamburg in 2013 and has spread all over Germany and beyond. Meanwhile, various offshoot events focusing on health and medicine are held in the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf. One such offshoot called Caps’n‘Collars focuses on money and financing and is backed by Haspa.

Start-ups meeting established companies

“Caps’n’Collars” is synonymous with a new kind of start-up network between the new economy and established firms, mid-sized companies and corporations in Hamburg. The event on September 19 is being held in co-operation with the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg and the Hamburgische Investitions- und Förderbank (IFB) as partners and will focus on the economic potential of European XFEL. The world’s largest X-ray laser began official user operations on September 1 at DESY research centre.

Researchers from all corners of the world

The European XFEL generates ultra short X-ray flashes – 27,000 times per second and with a brilliance that is a billion times higher than that of the best conventional X-ray radiation sources. The facility’s outstanding characteristics are unique worldwide and is opening up entirely new research opportunities for global scientists and industrial users. They can use the X-ray flashes to map the atomic details of viruses, decipher the molecular composition of cells, take three-dimensional images of the nanoworld, film chemical reactions, and study processes such as those occurring deep inside planets

Next session

Questions such as how commerce can benefit from basic research, how companies can use the DESY infrastructure for exciting projects and the kinds of start-ups emerging from DESY is on the agenda on September 19. Dr. Arik Willner (CTO/Director of Technology Transfer and Spin-offs DESY), Vollrath Dirksen (Strategic Business Development, N.A.T. GmbH) and Dr. Robert Riedel (CEO, Class 5 Photonics GmbH, a spin-off company that emerged from DESY) will answer these questions at 12min.COM – Cap’n‘Collars #3.

The rules are simple – each participant talks about a random issue for 12 minutes maximum. A bell sounds loudly to signal the end. Then the audience has 12 minutes maximum to ask questions. Three talks per evening are held and the intermission leaves plenty of time for networking.

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