Video Series: "Future Hamburg Talk" meets Tomislav Karajica

Entrepreneur, investor and main shareholder of Hamburg Towers, Tomislav Karajica tells Hamburg News about latest plans
09 September 2020

Born in Hamburg, he is a passionate entrepreneur and investor with an extremely exciting portfolio. With Home United, Tomislav Karajica opened the "Hamburger Ding" in 2019, the first cross-community space in the neighbourhood. Further co-concepts based on the Hamburg model are planned in several German cities. Karajica is also the main shareholder of the professional basketball team Hamburg Towers. 

During the fourth and final episode of our video interview series, "Future Hamburg Talk", Karajica outlines a particularly exciting new project. Karajica counts among the movers and shakers and visionaries in Hamburg, who are all keen to advance the location with their ideas and innovations. 

Interview: Dr. Uve Samuels, Square Innovation Hub

Abbreviated CV:

In 2002, Tomislav Karajica founded a project and planning office in Hamburg, which expanded in 2005 with the founding of the Imvest Group to include the project development and property development business. Then in 2016, Karajica founded Home United Management GmbH and the optics company, Edeloptics GmbH, in 2009. Five years later, the sports-mad Karajica joined the professional basketball team, Hamburg Towers, as a shareholder and has held the majority of shares in the operating company since 2017. As an investor in the football clubs SK Austria Klagenfurt and Victoria Berlin as well as the e-sports organisation Unicorns of Love, Karajica continues to expand its sports commitment.