"The Surfdeck“ to open in metropolitan region by 2023

Five-hectare surfers' paradise to be built in Stade
11 August 2020
Surfpark THE WAVE Bristol

The Hamburg-based start-up "The Surfdeck" has announced plans to build a 60,000 m²  indoor surfing lagoon in Stade by 2023 with artificially generated, rolling waves for surfing enthusiasts across the Hamburg Metropolitan Regionwho cannot always travel long distances to the sea. The artificial waves are by no means inferior to the natural waves out on the open sea, the company stressed. A machine generates waves of up to two metres in height in a 20,000 m2 pool. The shape and size of each wave can be adjusted at the press of a button and depending on the surfer's skill and experience. 


Passionate founders

Founded by the brothers Jan and Dirk Podbielski, the duo were previously involved in planning and developing offshore wind farms"We hope that the entire region can benefit from our project - not only because the people here can finally surf, but because our project will strengthen ecologically sustainable and regional tourism and create great economic opportunities for the entire region and local businesses," said Dirk Podbielski.

Sustainability - top priority 

The aim is to create an environment that is as natural as possible and to promote the diversity of species there. Heat and energy requirements comes from renewable sources and the company's own photovoltaic systems on the site. Sustainability and climate protection are top priorities, the founders noted."The Surfdeck" adventure is complemented by a wide range of eateries, a surf shop and a variety of other sports and leisure activities.  

"The Surfdeck" team in Stade
© The Surfdeck / Valentin Ammon
Christoph Zingelmann (Island Collective), Dirk Podbielski, Jan Podbielski (The Surfdeck) und Florian Laudon (Island Collective)

Exclusive surf destination in north Germany

The Spanish surf equipment manufacturer Wavegarden entered into a partnership with the Podbielski brothers' Surfdeck GmbH  on January 31, 2020. The partners are now in the joint technical planning phase. The Podbielski brothers have also announced a strategic co-operation with the Island Collective GmbH communication agency.