Seven projects to receive funds from Elbkulturfonds 2024

Ministry of Culture and Media earmarks EUR 500,000 for Hamburg's freelance artists
21 July 2023
Elbkulturfonds 2024-Afrikanerin liest Buch

A jury of experts has selected seven art projects for EUR 500,000 in grants from the Ministry of Culture and Media’s Elbkultur Fund 2024, a press release said Monday (July 17, 2023). The recipients include individual artists and artistic groups all of whom address the issues of diversity, anti-discrimination and climate protection. 

Artistic explorations of social issues

"The projects backed by the Elbkultur Funds promise exciting, artistic explorations of topics now topping the social agenda. They  create spaces for artists and audiences to put participation, exchange and networking into action and give us new perspectives on issues," said Dr Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture and Media. The "How low can we go" project by Lea Connert has received EUR 126,000 in funds. Emphasis is on human reactions to the climate crisis. Set on a dystopian cruise, visitors can travel to the Amazon rainforest, the island nation of Tonga, Heligoland and the Serengeti Desert. Strategies for joint climate activism are developed across generations.

Meanwhile, the "Black Writers Book Festival Hamburg" by Millicent Adjei has received EUR 92,000 in funds. The three-day event gives Black authors from Hamburg, Germany, Europe and Africa a platform to read their works, discuss African and Afro-diasporic literature and address structural inequalities within the book industry. Another project entitled "Diversity Check East-West" by Nina Reiprich has received EUR 77,600 in funds. The project queries changing aesthetics and processes  in the context of critiques of racism, struggles for residency, and identity politics, as well as the role of diversity, identity politics, and (anti-) racism in Eastern Europe.

From folklore and racism to endometriosis 

Andree Wenzel's circus festival, Lurupin, to be held in the Boeverstpark in Hamburg-Lurup, focuses on discrimination towards Sinti and Roma and has received EUR 64,100 in funds. An exhibition entitled "Food, Art & Activism: Nourishing Ourselves and Each Other" by Björn Lux has received EUR 48,500 in funds. Selected artists, activists, authors, collectives and cultural actors from Africa and the diaspora address food, nutrition, ecology, agriculture and the collective use of resources from a Global South perspective. Andrea Lang's photo project "Endo Sisters" focuses on endometriosis which affects one in ten women. This project has received EUR 46,900 in funds. A grant of EUR 44,300 is going to Sabrina Dehati's "bunker lab" project that gives artists access to Uebel&Gefährlich's historic synthesizer studio.