Senate passes ban on oil heating

Ban is key part of Hamburg's climate protection law
24 April 2020
Hamburger Skyline Energieberg

The senate agreed Tuesday (April 14, 2020) a ban on oil heating and air conditioning systems pending the approval of Hamburg’s parliament. Last December, the senate presented a ten-year climate plan and a new climate protection law to achieve Hamburg’s climate goals. The plan contains concrete measures that should lead to the required reduction of CO2 emissions by 2030. 

Remaining focused despite corona crisis

Three of 31 sections in the Climate Protection Act were subject to notification including the ban on direct electricity heating and air conditioning. The European Commission had approved the Hamburg Climate Protection Act in late March. The three sections are now to be adopted quickly to provide legal and planning security for all those affected. The ban on new oil-fired heating systems is to take effect in late 2021. “Before the legal obligation arises, we want to support the switch to climate-friendly technology with attractive subsidies. Particularly in the very difficult economic phase ahead of us, it will become clear that climate protection can be a powerful economic catalyst. If the investments that we are now pushing ahead with lots of state money are to be future-proof, they must bring our city forward in climate protection,” said Jens Kerstan, Senator for the Environment.