Rising demand for carer training following reforms

More generic, modern training - 1,500 new trainee carers in 2020
30 April 2021
Carers holding patient's hand

Around 1,500 trainee carers entered the profession in 2020 after the merger of training schemes for the elderly, the ill and children. Trainees now get to know all age groups and care areas during their three-year training.

1,500 new trainees in 2020

The reforms make for a varied, meaningful profession with good prospects according to Ties Rabe, Senator for Education. "Trainees no longer pay school fees. They receive reasonable training allowances and learn important skills for all three occupational fields." The new, more attractive training is in demand. Last year, 1,439 trainees began their courses and 34 students began the dual study carer course at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg).

Many carers in hospitals

"We and the training companies and carer schools in Hamburg have mastered the start well. The difficult period shows more than ever how demanding and challenging this occupational field is and its social importance," said Melanie Leonhard, Senator for Labour, Health, Social Affairs, Family and Integration. Almost two-thirds of the trainee contracts in the first year of the new course were concluded with hospitals, a quarter with inpatient care facilities and 10 per cent with outpatient care facilities, she added. The course is recognized all over the EU and seen as essential for meeting the demand for skilled workers.