Residents of Hamburg happiest big city dwellers in Germany

SKL Big City Ranking 2023 rated satisfaction in 12 German cities - focus on personal and urban factors
15 June 2023
Junge Menschen sitzen auf Steg an der Alster

The people of Hamburg are the happiest of 12 major cities in Germany, according to a ranking by SKL in 2023. Hamburg topped the rank with 7.16 out of 10 points followed by Frankfurt am Main with 7.07, Munich with 6.9 and Berlin with 6.88 points. Dresden scored 6.49 points followed by Leipzig with 6.44 points. Residents of Hamburg rated their housing and income and cultural offers, security and public administration better than average. Around 3,001 people aged between 16 and 74 years were interviewed online for the survey in April.

Value creation and high purchasing power 

"The level of income, personal health, the citizens' sense of belonging and the public administration are particularly important for satisfaction," said Prof. Bernd Raffelhueschen from the University of Freiburg, who analysed SKL's results. Hamburg scored well in terms of business centre. Value creation and purchasing power are particularly high in Hamburg compared to other major German cities. The same applies to satisfaction with income as Hamburg is prosperous and can afford plenty as reflected by high average investments in tangible assets including property and fixed assets e.g., the fire brigade, infrastructure and schools.

Recommending Hamburg to others

Asked about their personal situation, residents of Hamburg expressed more satisfaction in every respect than the average city dweller surveyed. The same applies especially to the family and housing situation with comparatively moderate rent levels and the many waterways in the city. Two-thirds live in detached or semi-detached houses, while elsewhere the proportion of high-rise buildings and apartment blocks is significantly higher. Residents of Hamburg also rate the business centre, public administration and cultural offers very high and better than average. Safety and the sense of belonging are also rated as above average. More than half (58 per cent) of Hamburg's residents would recommend their city to others. The SKL city ranking is carried out regularly in co-operation with the Süddeutscher Klassenlotterie (SKL) and Glücksatlas.