Positive interim balance of Hamburg's pandemic labour market scheme

Help for 12,000 residents of Hamburg to overcome effects
30 September 2022
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Around 12,000 residents of Hamburg had taken part in counselling, language courses or coaching by June 2022 as part of schemes to dampen the impact of the pandemic on both employees and the unemployed, Dr Melanie Leonhard, Senator for Labour and Social Affairs told parliament. Around EUR 20 million had been approved by the state of Hamburg and the EU for this purpose, Leonhard added.

Further training and counselling services

"The pandemic proved a sharp indent for many people in terms of their professions. Some lost their jobs, others had to reorient themselves during the crisis," said Leonhard. This is exactly where the labour market scheme helps with professional reorientation, she noted. Many people had received grants for monthly training and counselling services offered by the German Employment Agency for unemployed, unskilled and semi-skilled workers. The number of counselling sessions rose from 200 in the first quarter of 260 in the second quarter.

Successful coaching, language courses and training support

By June 2022, about 1,000 coaching sessions had been approved for skilled workers who faced unemployment or had  become unemployed as a result of the pandemic. The coaching scheme targeted mainly women, older workers and the self-employed. Participation in the language course "Basic German Skills" has also increased significantly and are attended mostly by Ukrainians who have fled their homeland.  Around 138 young people in the hotel and restaurant sector had taken part in the "Practical Qualification for HOGA Training" by June 2022.