Port to become "Sustainable Energy Hub Hamburg"

Initiative forges closer network of port companies
12 October 2023
Hamburger Hafen

An initiative to turn the Port of Hamburg into "Sustainable Energy Hub" and which will forge even closer co-operation between companies in the harbour launched Monday (October 9, 2023). Priority is on sustainable energy businesses in Neuhof, Hohe Schaar, Moorburg and Harburg with large-scale industrial and handling companies. The centre will be on a site in Hohe Schaar acquired by Hamburg Port Authority (HPA). In addition to storage, processing and refining, important supplier companies, service providers and manufacturers will also settle there.

Sustainable Energy Hub as pillar of a universal port 

Speaking at the launch, Dr. Melanie Leonhard, Senator for Economics, said: "The senate has decided to seize the opportunities and challenges of the energy transition to develop a  'Sustainable Energy Hub' as a pillar of a 'Universal Port of Hamburg' based on the Port Development Plan 2040. The fact that so many companies are joining in shows that this is the right course." Partners are the energy company Mabanaft, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), the energy tank storage company Evos, the U.S. industrial gas manufacturer Air Products, the port reception facility operator Green Ports Hamburg, Hamburg Energiewerke, Gasnetz Hamburg, Shell, the Holborn refinery, Ölwerke H&R Schindler, the North German service station network operator Lother Gruppe and the Moorburg Energy Hub.

Port to become climate neutral by 2040

Handling, production, distributing and using sustainable fuels and energy sources in the port represents a major economic opportunity, HPA said. The Port of Hamburg produces energy to supply more and more ships with onshore electricity from renewable sources. Research is currently underway into how shunting locomotives in port areas in Bremen and Hamburg can be converted to hydrogen propulsion. Hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives such as methanol or e-fuels are imported for the aircraft industry and shipping and for the German domestic market.