"Path of Lights" marks new section of cycle route in Pergolenviertel

70 balloons light up new route for three days in Hamburg
29 August 2019
Veloroute 5 Fahrräder an der Alster

A new section of the Veloroute 5 was opened Wednesday (August 28, 2019) in the Pergolenviertel by Kirsten Pfaue, Hamburg’s Cycle Traffic Cycling Co-ordinator and Dr. Michael Bigdon, Head of the Department for Economics, Construction and Environment to promote more sustainable mobility. The new route, which is part of the Cycling for a More Beautiful Hamburg campaign will be lit up until August 30, 2019 to give people travelling the route an exciting experience.

70 balloons along “Path of Lights”

“The new route will enrich all those who bike their way between City Nord, Stadtpark and residential areas,” said Pfaue. The intersection-free crossing along the heavily trafficked Jahnring and Hebebrandstraße streets is one of the route’s special features. Cyclists can now travel longer distances uninterruptedly. A total of 70 balloons will form a Path of Lights to encourage more people to start pedalling.

Key expansion measure

Hamburg aimed for improving cycling and becoming a more bicycle-friendly city with the launch of the Alliance for Cycling in June 2016. Veloroute 5 is 28 kilometres in length and the longest radial route in the Veloroute network. This key expansion began in November 2018 at a total cost of EUR 3.5 million. More and more companies in Hamburg are encouraging their employees to switch to bicycles with various campaigns including the international City Cycling Campaign underway from August 30- September 19, 2019.