Over 50 vacant spaces reopen as part of new scheme

Funds for creative interim use available until late 2022
17 October 2022
Creative reuse of space in Hamburger Hof

The City of Hamburg has drawn a positive interim balance of its "Free Space: Space for Creative Interim Use" initiative which saw pop-up stores, studios, art and design galleries open in previously vacant spaces. The funding scheme was developed by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Culture and Media with the Landesbetrieb Immobilienmanagement und Grundvermögen (LIG) while Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft became the agent for the unused retail space. More than 50 vacant properties including buildings on Neuer Wall, Ballindamm and in shopping centres such as the former Karstadt Sport building have gained a new lease of life thanks to creative ideas. Interested owners and property companies can avail of funds until late 2022.

Win-win  for everyone

"The (Frei_Flächen) scheme shows how everyone benefits from creative interim use. The property sector avoids vacancy costs and the city is revived. Creative people get a stage for their work and we all benefit from greater diversity in the city," said Dr Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture and Media. The measure should encourage other creative people and the property sector to try out ideas for vibrant city centres and to build long-term partnerships in future.

Spaces available until late  2022 

Funds from the scheme are available until late 2022. Owners are reimbursed for the operating and ancillary costs as well as insurance of vacant spaces. Creative people can rent the available space for EUR 1.50 per square metre. Around EUR 9 million had been approved in June 2021 for the creative interim use of such spaces. More information can be found on the website.