Open Studio raising visibility of Hamburg's art scene

Videos offer glimpses of local artists - crowdfunding campaign launches
23 October 2020
Hamburger Kunstszene

The Hamburg-based art historian Anne Simone Krüger and filmmaker Ariane Bethusy-Huc launched Monday (October 19, 2020) a crowdfunding campaign with video portraits of local artists and for an English version of their "Open Studio" platform until November 17, 2020 . The duo have presented monthly video portraits of local artists since last year to raise the visibility of the art scene and "put Hamburg on the map as an art location".

More than galleries and museums

"During my many years of work in the Hamburg art scene, I have met many talented and interesting artists who work on the same level as those in Berlin, Munich or London, and who you just have to discover," said Krüger. Their video portraits gives connoisseurs and collectors and all those interested in art a low-threshold access to the scene in Hamburg. The duo go off the beaten track in search of artists away from galleries and museums. The Kreativ Gesellschaft Hamburg supported the project in its first year. The Spiegelberg Foundation has assumed patronage.

Making local art scene visible

Around 13 artists have been portrayed on Open Studio hitherto. Each portrait - from research and shooting to post-production and maintenance of the platform - involves around 63 hours of work.