"the niu Fusion" becomes latest hotel to open in Hamburg

"Novum Style Hotel-Centrum" rebranded and upgraded
02 August 2023
Lobby im neuen The Niu Fusion Hotel

Novum Hospitality opened "the Niu Fusion" hotel on July 1, 2023 near Hamburg's main train station. The hotel, previously managed as the "Novum Style Hotel-Centrum", has been renamed and upgraded as part of rebranding begun in January. The new, unique design is based on the work of local artist Joséphine Sagna. The ground floor and corridors on the upper floors reflect her themes of diversity and women's power.

40th hotel highlights diversity

"We are opening the 40th hotel in our own, strong brand 'the Niu'. Since the launch of the young lifestyle brand in 2018, we have built mostly new hotels in four European countries," said David Etmenan, CEO and owner of Novum Hospitality. The site of the hotel near the train station and the layout were ideal for rebranding," Etmenan added. The St. Georg district is well connected by the main train station and has been a meeting place of different cultures since the 17th century. The name addition "Fusion" was created in reference to interculturalism, he said.