New hub to drive mobility transition in Hamburg

Plans for Hochbahn's bus depot on Elbe island presented
28 January 2022
Mobilitätshub Elbinsel

A mobility hub is set to improve the transport offered south of the Elbe from 2029, Hochbahn and the Ministry for Transport announced Monday (January 24, 2022). The plans foresee a new bus depot that links up with the Veddel S-Bahn station, a bus interchange, parking spaces for Bike+Ride and Park+Ride, and an HVV switch point with sharing services such as MOIA and Stadtrad. 

Hub crucial to "Hamburg Takt"

"The mobility hub on the Elbe island will really advance the mobility transition in Hamburg," said Anjes Tjarks, Senator for Transport. The new bus depot will be crucial to the "Hamburg-Takt", which should offer residents waiting times of five minutes maximum by 2030. Veddel will offer "a very good choice of mobility solutions beyond private cars", he added. The new four-floor Hochbahn depot will be connected by ramps, said Henrik Falk, CEO of Hochbahn, adding: "That will create space for bus operations and for other mobility services also."  Bus lines can then run at closer intervals and the connection between the Elbe island and the city centre will be improved. 

Hochbahn launches citizen participation process

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2025 with commissioning in 2029. Hochbahn will present the plans to local residents in Veddel in late January. Residents can submit their ideas for the mobility hub online. The results of the public participation process will be incorporated into an architectural competition in spring 2022.