New Founders Database of Hamburg Start-Ups

Monitor and who-is-who of the start-up scene. Who founded what and where in Hambur
10 December 2014

Original online games, useful apps, digital file sharing – clever and promising business ideas abound in Hamburg. But an overview of who is founding, when and what is difficult to obtain. A new initiative – the Hamburg Startups – aims to change this by making the Hamburg start-up scene more visible. Already back in July, the Hamburg News have been reporting on the new online platform At that time, two of the three founders of HHS Net UG Hamburg startups, i.e.Tim Jaudszims and Sina Gritzuhn, were still working hard on setting up a central central database recording the activities of young companies. Now, the “Hamburg Start-up Monitor” is online.

Which Sectors Show Strong Start-Up Activities?

The monitor displays, among other things, in which industries new enterprises are being founded and the business models young entrepreneurs choose to make money. Founders are being presented or are presenting themselves. Start-ups from Hamburg’s games industry, for instance, are featured in a dedicated category. In addition, regularly updated data display statistics on industries, target groups, business models, gender distribution of the founders, and other key figures of Hamburg’s start-up scene. Tim Jaudszims: “300 to 400 start-ups from the technology and Internet industry in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region will provide the starting data of our data base.” The new tool is not only an interesting platform for entrepreneurs and potential founders, but also for be investors, media representatives, service providers, and other companies.

Participation Rewarded With Goodies 

Start-ups can register for free on the website and participate in a questionnaire on monitoring. Once completed, the start-up will be visible by its public start-up profile, which can be screened by filtered search terms and will be updated by the start-up itself. To motivate regular updating, start-ups will be rewarded in their efforts with “start-up dollars.” The more questions on the profile sheet, the more dollars the start-up will be granted, which later can be redeemed at a premium shop and turned into valuable goodies. “We choose the rewards according to the needs of the founders: next to classics such as start-up magazines, also tickets for events or subscriptions for SaaS and marketing tools will be given”, says Sina Gritzuhn.

Events and Editing

The monitor is the latest addition to the portfolio of the Hamburg start-up team. “We want to increase the awareness of the dynamic Hamburg start-up scene and promote networking. Therefore, we also organise events with sometimes several hundreds of participants and support the founders with our own editorial new coverage”, says Sina Gritzuhn. Focal activities for the Hamburg start-ups include a dedicated website and special social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The team regularly reports important news of the start-up world, conducts interviews with founders, and publishes upcoming events in an agenda.