New building certification for developments in Hamburg

"DGNB Special Environmental Label Award" certifies sustainable projects in HafenCity, Billebogen, Grasbrook and Science City
16 June 2023
Blick auf Gebäude und Baukräne in der HafenCity

A joint building certificate called the "DGNB Special Environmental Label Award" has been set up to certify climate-neutral projects in HafenCity, Billebogen, Grasbrook and Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld among others, a press release said Wednesday (June 7, 2023). The award replaces HafenCity's ecolabel and the German Sustainable Building Council certification. 

Access to national and international subsidies

"We see it as our task to consistently and resolutely drive sustainable construction in the property sector to counteract climate change and to achieve climate neutrality," said Dr Andreas Kleinau, CEO of HafenCity Hamburg GmbH. "We are future-proofing the existing high sustainability standards in four urban development projects in HafenCity, Grasbrook, Billebogen and Science City with our joint special award." Property owners will benefit from the DGNB system this year and gain improved access to national and international funding schemes. The sustainability label should increase the market value, value stability and competitiveness of buildings.

Paving the way towards sustainable urban development

HafenCity Hamburg GmbH introduced the eco-label in 2007 to certify sustainable buildings nationwide. The new "DGNB Special Ecolabel Award" takes ecological aspects such as the avoidance of CO2 emissions, cycle-oriented construction and a supply of renewable energy sources nearby when certifying buildings. Biodiversity, a compatible microclimate as well as socially and environmentally-compatible transport must be guaranteed on site. This should pave the way towards climate-neutrality in the property sector and sustainable urban development.