MOIA and Hochbahn offering more public transport in New Year

29 bus stops and lanes for on-demand shuttles
04 January 2023
Elbbrücken U-Bahn stop

MOIA's on-demand shuttles have stopped at 29 bus stops since January 1, 2023 in co-operation with Hamburger Hochbahn. MOIA is offering its services at key bus stops and transport hubs and is using special lanes as part of a pilot project. The carpooling company also aims to widen its service area from 200 to 270 square kilometres thereby improving links to the outskirts.

Linking up carpooling and public transport for Hamburg interval

"We want to launch the 'Hamburg Interval' and give people all over the city five-minute access to public transport," said Anjes Tjarks, Senator for Transport and Mobility Transition. To this end, on-demand transport must be integrated into the public transport system, he added. "We are dovetailing carpooling with Hochbahn's buses to create synergies and demand-oriented mobility offers in the region as part of the pilot project."

Hochbahn and MOIA pooling services

MOIA is being partially integrated into the HVV tariff from early 2023. Holders of an HVV subscription will receive a discount of EUR 1 per booking as MOIA passengers. The 29 stops will be included in the MOIA app. Journeys can then be booked on either the MOIA or the HVV Switch app.