Keen interest in #moinzukunft climate funds - EUR 300,000 available

Funding for projects by non-profit institutions, associations and climate protection initiatives
08 February 2021
Drohnen-Shot Stadtpark

A total of EUR 300,000 is now available as part of Hamburg’s #moinzukunft climate fund for projects by non-profit institutions, associations and initiatives, the Ministry for the Environment announced Monday (February 1, 2021). Some 45 projects have received financial backing since the funding was launched in 2019. Applications for this year’s funds can be submitted to the Hamburg Climate Protection Foundation. A jury decides on the recipients.

Climate protection as a social issue

"Since it was launched in autumn 2019, the fund has financed and enabled a number of exciting projects that would probably not exist without this funding. Climate protection is not simply a matter for politicians, industry and associations. Civil society is a major lever of climate goals," said Jens Kerstan, Senator for the Environment. Dieter Ohnesorge, Managing Director of the Climate Protection Foundation, said: "Active climate protection concerns us all. We therefore welcome the increasing number of applications for funding from diverse stakeholders especially those outside the 'classic' environmental scene."

Wide range of projects funded

A maximum EUR 20,000 per project and year is available. Some of the funded projects include the "Klimasofa" - an initiative that sees experts on environmental protection give talks in people’s living rooms or the "KUNTforum" - an online forum for learning about the climate, the environment and sustainability. The #moinzukunft climate fund also backs projects like "Saubere Sache" which promotes the use of self-produced, plastic-free detergent in schools across Hamburg. Another project called "Ackern fürs Klima” sees schoolpupils and their teachers grow vegetables according to ecological criteria. The city promotes various climate protection projects such as the Futur 2 Festival or the climate-friendly Hamburg Guide under #moinzukunft. More information about everyday climate protection can be found on: