Industry in Hamburg notches up significant increase in turnover

Turnover 45 per cent above previous year's level, according to Statistical Office North
07 September 2022
Industrie Hamburg

Large industrial companies in Hamburg generated a turnover of around EUR 62.25 billion in In the first half of 2022. The figures correspond to an increase of 45 per cent over the same period last year, the Statistical Office North said Wednesday (August 31, 2022).

Sharp rise in industrial turnover

The petroleum industry's turnover rose by 68.4 per cent to EUR 39.2 billion  - the highest of all industries - and was driven by the sharp rise in energy prices. Turnover in the petroleum refining, food and animal feed industries rose by 29.8 per cent to EUR 1.8 billion while the "repair and installation of machinery" had a 27.9 per cent increase to EUR 2.5 billion.

Turnover with foreign countries increased 20 per cent to EUR 10.6 billion and was higher than domestic business (plus 14.2 per cent to EUR 12.5 billion). Business with countries outside the Eurozone increased by 33.3 per cent to EUR 3.4 billion.The Statistical Office North had examined 225 Hamburg-based companies with at least 50 employees for the interim balance.