HVV launches "Switch App" to boost mobility transition

App to contain all public transport and sharing offers in Hamburg
01 July 2020

Hamburger Hochbahn AG (Hochbahn) and the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV) launched a beta version of the new HVV Switch App (formerly Switchh) Tuesday (June 29, 2020). The new app bundles all the mobility offers in Hamburg making it the “digital heart of the Hamburg-Takt”, said Anjes Tjarks, Senator for Transport and Mobility Transition. By 2030, public transport should be no more than five minutes distant for all residents of Hamburg. The app combines HVV’s services and those of the MOIA shuttle-on-demand service and will add the car provider, Sixt Share, by late 2020. 

Diverse transport offers and climate-friendlier traffic

"We really want to change transport and that involves a strong public transport system and networked mobility offers," said Tjarks. HVV's app offers individual mobility solutions for the city and metropolitan region. "Other providers and modes of transport will follow shortly. We are thus appealing to all those who want to change their traffic mix even without completely abandoning the car." The long-term goal is to make transport "climate-friendlier, sustainable and city-compatible" thanks to digital solutions.

Incentives for leaving cars at home 

HVV Switch combines intuitive ticketing of the most frequently used HVV tickets and booking the MOIA service. "Our participation is a logical step towards a nationwide and digitally available mobility offer within Hamburg, which creates further incentives for leaving your own car at home more often," said Robert Henrich, CEO of MOIA.

StadtRad and other mobility offers 

The app will add the offers of Sixt Share and Google Maps by late 2020 while those of StadtRad and Cambio, Miles Mobility, WeShare and Share Now will likely be included next year. People interested in using the car sharing offers will have to make a one-off video call with the app to validate their driver's license beforehand.