Hochbahn puts e-car sharing hub into operation at Hamburg Airport

100th HVV Switch mobility point launched with 120 charging points for e-sharing services
09 March 2023
Anjes Tjarks, Henrik Falk und Michael Eggenschwiler am neuen E-Sharing-Hub am Hamburger Flughafen

Hamburger Hochbahn AG has put a new e-sharing hub into operation at Hamburg Airport on Friday (March 3, 2023) bringing the number of its  HVV Switch mobility points to 100. This latest hub has 120 charging points for e-sharing cars the size of which is unique in Europe, according to Hochbahn. Car-sharing providers offering services at the airport can now avail of the the charging points and use the parking spaces set up by Hochbahn.

Drive transition and car sharing 

Anjes Tjarks, Senator for Transport, said: "Both the mobility transition and that of driving are key levers for achieving climate targets in transport. We are also making great strides in this sector by providing Germany's largest e-sharing hub and boosting electric transport." An agreement has also been reached with car-sharing companies to convert at least 80 per cent of their fleets to electric drives by 2025. Henrik Falk, CEO of Hochbahn, remarked. "The more available and convenient shared mobility becomes, the less I need my own car." The network of sharing providers and the infrastructure will be expanded to gradually cover all transport needs

More sharing offers in coming years

The City of Hamburg now has around 21 mobility points at underground and railway stations and 79 in various suburbs. More than 200 charging points for e-vehicles are available in 16 places. Plans are being laid to set up another 120  mobility hubs by late 2024. Another 20 HVV Switch points will be equipped with charging infrastructure by late 2023. The sharing services offered by Sixt Share and Miles can also be booked on the HVV Switch app, which also guides users to available parking spaces. The aim is to bundle all of of the city's transport services and to supplement public transport with on-demand services.