Hamburg's clusters join ranks amid crisis

Regional platform for skilled workers to ease exchange of workers
15 May 2020

Clusters from Hamburg Aviation, Hamburg Kreativ Wirtschaft to Renewable Energy Hamburg are joining forces and have launched the platform While some companies have put their workforce on short-time work, other firms are urgently looking for workers. The new platform offers companies an opportunity to meet their temporary personnel needs by exchanging their personnel regardless of industry during the pandemic.

Clusters - pillars of economic policy

The idea for the skilled workers platform stems from the clusters. Michael Westhagemann, Senator for Economics, noted: "The clusters are one of the main pillars of Hamburg's economic policy. Their success and the input from the clusters in recent weeks show how important and valuable those structures are for the location and confirms their economic importance for Hamburg."

Follow-up project focusing on knowledge and technology transfer

Their efforts are being steered by clusters in the joint Co-Learning Space for Hamburg project, which has boosted networking since 2016. The variety of perspectives of a cross-sector network pays off in crisis managemnent.  The next phase of the Co-Learning Space project begins in June when the focus will be on developing new, overarching topics to boost innovation in knowledge and technology transfer in Hamburg.



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