Hamburg's Athleticum sports medicine centre to open doors in 2023

UKE, HSV and Philips lay plans for unique sports medicine centre
28 September 2020

The University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), HSV Fußball AG (HSV) and the Philips healthcare company have announced plans for the Athleticum competence centre for sports medicine. Unique in Germany, the centre will be open to everyone from recreational athletes to professionals and is being built near the Volkspark stadium and the adjoining HSV campus. The Athleticum will offer patients preventative healthcare, early detection, diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation and will be mangaged by Athleticum am Volkspark GmbH - a joint company involving three partners.

New standards for sports medicine

The new sports centre is due to open its doors in 2023. Commenting on the process hitherto, Dr. Andreas Dressel, Senator for Finance, remarked: "That was teamwork in the best sense. Everyone helped to set new standards for sports medicine in the Volksparkwith an impact far beyond Hamburg. We are ensuring that competitive sport in Hamburg will continue to be accompanied by medical diagnostics and preventive medicine that meets the highest scientific standards in the coming decades." 

From leisure to professional sport

Sports medicine at the UKE has grown in recent years and is set to be expanded. The Athleticum creates a public offer for preventative medicine, diagnostics and treatment in a sports environment and is likely to have a long-term impact on  Altona, Hamburg and the entire region. The Hamburg-based property team AG have brought HASPA PeB have been brought on board as investors and joint venture partners to the Athleticum.