Hamburg upgrades charging points and increases range

Public charging points only for charging purposes
13 March 2023
Symbol Parkplatz mit Ladesäule für E-Autos

The City of Hamburg is installing 150 kW high-performance charging points and replacing the previous 50 kW points for e-cars, a press release said Sunday (March 5, 2023). Parking at charging points will only be permitted to actually charge a vehicle in future. This comes after repeated complaints about blocked, but unused charging points. The maximum parking time at charging points with alternating currents will be raised from two to three hours to increase the range.

Around 2,000 public charging points and 46,500 e-cars 

Electric transport is gaining momentum with over 21,500 purely battery-electric vehicles and around 25,000 plug-in hybrids amounting to 46,500 electric vehicles. Drivers can avail of some 2,000 public charging points across the urban region. Hamburg now has the highest number of electric vehicles in Germany, according to the Ministry for Transport and Mobility Transition. Electric vehicles can be charged in minutes for distance of 100 kilometres. The maximum parking time at charging points with direct currents remains one hour, while drivers can park their vehicles at points with alternating currents for three hours maximum between 9 am and 8 pm. The signage there will be gradually updated. The public charging points will be reserved for vehicles with e-plates. E-vehicles can still park free of charge in public car parks in Hamburg