Hamburg launches digital bonus

Senate provides EUR 30 million for digitalisation in SMEs and to boost innovation
17 March 2021
City Hall Hamburg

Applications for the "Digital Check" module can now be submitted to the Hamburgische Investitions- und Förderbank (IFB Hamburg) after the city made EUR 30 million available as part of Hamburg’s Digital Bonus for SMEs. The bonus marks an expansion of Hamburg’s Corona Protective Shield through late 2022 and should help companies boost their data security and digitalization. 

Innovation boost for SMEs

Michael Westhagemann, Senator for Economics, termed the funding "necessary" given the surge in digitalisation in the wake of the pandemic. "During many conversations, I have learned that not all entrepreneurs can keep apace,"  Westhagemann remarked. The aim is to give SMEs an "innovation boost" so that they can emerge stronger from the crisis. Andreas Dressel. Senator for Finance, added: "Small businesses in particular need know-how and every euro to advance digitalisation in their own shops."

"Digital Check" and "Digital Invest

The bonus consists of the "Digital Check" and "Digital Invest" modules. Companies can apply for up to EUR 5,000 as part of the "Digital Check" module for advice on digitalisation. From April 12, 2021, additional expenditure on hardware and software and external service providers will be funded with up to EUR 17,000 as part of the "Digital Invest" module. The funding quotas come to 50 per cent of the first module and 30 per cent of the "Digital Invest" grant. The "Hamburg Digital" grants have been developed in co-operation with the Chamber of Crafts and the Chamber of Commerce and are executedin co-operation with the Mittelstandskompetenzzentrum centre for SMEs.


IFB Hamburg

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