Hamburg increases corona aid for musicians and DJs

Budget increased to EUR 750,000 in latest round of funding
05 March 2021
Band in Molotov

Hamburg has increased its budget in supplementary fees for live and virtual music performances impacted by the pandemic by EUR 250,000 to EUR 750,000 from March 1 until through April 30, 2021. Musicians and DJs, who have sustained losses of income this year, can now apply for fees available from this latest round of funding. 

Supplements for live music sector 

Around 80 per cent of 1,000 applications for supplements submitted between October and December 2020 have been approved so far. "The supplement has met with a great response and helps the live sector, which normally accounts for 70 per cent of the music scene's income,” said Andrea Rothaug, Managing Director of RockCity Hamburg. Dr. Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture and Media, remarked: “Together with RockCity, we have launched an instrument which not only compensates somewhat for corona-induced income losses, but also pays fees for artistic and cultural productions." The aid goes straight to the musicians and sends a clear signal that culture is not free despite the streaming culture, Brosda pointed out.