Hamburg Hochbahn to build all-electric bus depot in north-east Hamburg

Wandsbek District Authority grants planning permission for site in Meiendorf - depot with 130 additional buses to open in summer 2026
22 November 2023
E-Bus-Betriebshof im Bau

Hamburg Hochbahn will begin planning its first all-electric bus depot in Meiendorf in December now that  the Wandsbek District Authority has granted planning permission, a press release said Thursday (November 16, 2023). Around 130 zero-emission buses will hit roads in north Hamburg from summer 2026. 

New depot for 130 electric buses

"Meiendorf will be the first bus depot without diesel buses. Only environment-friendly e-buses will start from there," said Jens-Günter Lang, Chief Technical Officer of Hamburg Hochbahn. After the planning phase in December earthworks will  begin in January 2024 and the pit for the 28,000 square metre depot will be excavated in spring. The facilities include carports with charging infrastructure, garages, washing facilities, offices and social rooms. The new building will be built sustainably and will feature e.g., green roofs and (soundproof) walls, photovoltaic systems, a rainwater storage tank  and will use waste heat for its own heating supply. The depot should improve access to Bergstedt, Volksdorf, Rahlstedt, Sasel and Farmsen-Berne in north-east Hamburg.

All-electric fleet by 2030

Hamburger Hochbahn expects to have 230 zero-emission buses in addition to the present 1,100 vehicles by late 2023. To this end, the company is converting and expanding the required infrastructure. The depots in Alsterdorf and Hummelsbüttel already have environment-friendly e-buses and the company plans to build another e-bus depot in Veddel. Commissioning is scheduled for 2029.