Hamburg earmarks EUR 9.4 million for urban development projects

Urban development fund to make districts livelier and boost residential cohesion
22 July 2021
Basketball court

The senate has launched the new "Urban Development Fund for Vibrant Districts" to boost social cohesion and liveability in districts of Hamburg, a press release said Monday (July 19, 2021). An initial EUR 9.4 million will go towards 23 development projects beginning in 2021. The measures should improve the standard of living especially in districts with a high population density. Around EUR 24 million will go towards new residential environments and public open spaces by 2025.

Improved standard of living 

"The 'Urban Development Fund for Vibrant Districts' fosters projects that strengthen good neighbourliness, raise people's standard of living and add to social stability," said Dorothee Stapelfeldt, Senator for Urban Development and Housing. "We want to expand social infrastructure in the districts and modernize it to meet needs, resulting in more communal uses for different groups," she added. The plans foresee investments in houses and meeting points in the districts as well as in new open spaces and skating areas.

EUR 24 million through 2025 

District offices and authorities in Hamburg had submitted 36 proposals of which 23 were selected for funding to the Department of Urban Development and Housing. Another call for projects is scheduled for 2021 to allocate the remainder of the EUR 9.4 million.