Hamburg among top three cities in ranking of career opportunities

Hamburg-based start-up Coyo offers best career opportunities in Germany
27 February 2020
Business people in Port of Hamburg

Hamburg and the cities of Munich (1) and Stuttgart (2) hold the most potential for successful careers, according to a study by Ophigo in Frankfurt. The Elbe metropolis ranked third overall and scored mainly in terms of economic clout and “diversity of employers”. Germany’s 30 largest cities were rated for the Ophigo Career Atlas 2020. Hamburg is also home to Coyo, which the U.S. Glassdoor website rated as the company with the “best career opportunities” in Germany. Current and former employees can review companies anonymously on Glassdoor.

Economic clout and corporate diversity

Hamburg scored a total of 83.2 points with Gelsenkirchen in last place based on ten influencing factors such as economic performance, number of companies, annual disposable income, population density, average rent, percentage of green space and the cost of lunch. Figures from the Federal Statistical Office and the Federal Employment Agency were used for the evaluation, Ophigo said. A total of 58,655 companies are registered in Hamburg and every employee contributes EUR 92,163 to the city’s economic performance every year. A business lunch in Hamburg costs EUR 10.30 on average, the study added. 

Coyo and Airbus as career drivers

Glassdoor’s study also examined advancement opportunities and lists “20 companies with the best career opportunities” in Germany. The Hamburg-based Coyo topped the ranking ahead of established companies like EY, SAP and Amazon. Founded in 2010, Coyo develops social intranet software and has around 120 employees. Airbus, which ranked thirteenth overall, employs more than 12,500 staff in Hamburg making it one of the company’s largest plants. Last June, Glassdoor opened its first German branch in Hamburg.