Foundation stone laid for new Airbus assembly factory in Hamburg

More space for production of long-haul A321 XLR - sends strong signal for aviation centre
26 October 2021
Visualization of Airbus assembly hall

Airbus is expanding its plant in Finkenwerder and laid the foundation stone Thursday (October 21), for a new production and assembly hall for its upcoming A321 XLR. Around one-hundred Airbus employees will work in the hall, which will be up to 38 metres in height on completion in mid 2022.

Airbus on growth course in Hamburg

The new hall will feature state-of-the-art technologiy for operations and manufacturing including automated workshop logistics and fully digital jigs and test stations. The site in Finkenwerder is "clearly on a growth course" and comes after  other recent infrastructure investments in the A320 and A321 XLR production in Hamburg, the company said.

The A321 XLR model is designed for long-haul routes and can fly non-stop from Hamburg to the U.S. East Coast from 2023. Airbus has received more than 400 orders for the new aircraft. "We in Hamburg play a major role in development and production," said André Walter, Plant Manager in Hamburg. Michael Westhagemann, Senator for Economics, commented: "The new Airbus A321 XLR is a good sign for Hamburg and Finkenwerder, and for the entire aviation industry. It marks a new beginning despite coronavirus. The long-haul aircraft of the future is being built here."