Farm stores and manufacturing in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region

Podcast series highlights farms, sustainable production and crafts
05 January 2022
Gut Wulksfelde's Hofladen

The smell of leather wafts through the workshop in Lübeck's old town. Nicolai Paravicini, a saddler, is making bags, belts, saddles and masks for actors to don for the roles of “Colombina”, “Scaramouche” or “Pulcinella” in Commedia dell'Arte.  Andreas Wurm, the host of the "Einfach mal raus!" (Just get out!) podcast series, visits people across the Hamburg Metropolitan Region to tell their stories and offers tips for outings and excursions that can be reached in one or two hours. So far, his travels have taken him to Travemünde, Stormarn, the Duchy of Lauenburg, Schwerin, Sternberger Seenland, Holsteinische Schweiz, Ludwigslust and Lübeck.

Tile factory and goat farm

Claudia van Hees' tile factory in Seestermühe is one of the stops on his journey. The ceramist makes unique, hand-made tiles especially Delft in an old, thatched-roof barn. Van Hees is one of the few craftswomen in Europe who makes tiles from raw clay to the finished hand-painted piece based on centuries-old original motifs. Another visit takes Wurm to the goat cheese factory "Gülzer Geißen" run by Rudi Tussing and Uli Korte. In 2007, the two set up their goat farm in the village of Gülze, in the middle of the Mecklenburg part of the Elbe River Landscape Biosphere Reserve. What began as a hobby quickly became a business. The "Gülzer Geißen" products can be found at markets in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region and won the "North German Cheese Prize" in 2017.

The podcast has encouraged listeners to go on spontaneous outings and to relax and enjoy their experiences in the north German countryside since December 2020. The idea is to get people to leave their worries at home and to take a deep breath. Wurm visits extraordinary places and people, and noted: "They are all united by the love of their product, the materials or ingredients. They live and die for their craft and make our everyday lives nicer with their products.”

Podcast-Reihe "Einfach mal raus!“
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Gut Wulksfelde's pigs
© Gut Wulksfelde/D. Antonio
Gut Wulksfelde's pigs

Farm shops in Hamburg Metropolitan Region

The more recent stops on his journey include visits to Thomas Sampl, the head of Hobenköök in Oberhafenquartier or to Teresa-Marie Pelka, who shows him around her family's Cassenshof farm on the edge of the Lüneburger Heide nature reserve. Now in the 13th generation, the farm features a café, adventure farm with chicken feeding and other activities. The Wulksfelde estate in Stormarn also offers guided tours of the farm, vegetables to harvest yourself and animals to touch, which is particularly appealing to children. The zoo is home to donkeys, goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs. Young visitors can stroke them gently or run around the playground with climbing course and slide. Wurm is guided around the shop, kitchen, garden and bakery on the organic farm, run by Hauke Rüsbüldt since 1989, for his podcast and comes away with a wealth of ideas and great tips for outings combining fun and sustainable lifestyles. 


The podcast series "Einfach mal raus!" (Just get out!) in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region caters to people keen on outings in the region. It offers all kinds of ideas and reveals undiscovered places and adventures to bring people closer to their region. Ten episodes have been published so far.