EUR 6.5 million for Hamburg's sustainable city centre

New scheme to develop usage concepts and attract investors
14 November 2022
Aerial view of Hamburg and Lake Alster

The Ministry of Urban Development and Housing is investing EUR 6.5 million in changing the long-term structure of central Hamburg. Around 75 per cent of the amount stems from a national scheme entitled “Hidden Potentials - For a Vibrant and Resilient Hamburg City Centre” (Verborgene Potenziale – Für ein lebendiges und resilientes Hamburger Zentrum) while the City of Hamburg is footing 25 per cent of the costs. More and more consumers would like city centres to become social meeting places, according to a 2021 survey. 

Increasing diversity of use in city centre

"We are building on Hamburg's long tradition of participating in the development and design of the city centre via the the 'Hidden Potentials' scheme," said Dr. Dorothee Stapelfeldt, Senator for Urban Development and Housing. The scheme will increase co-operation between public and private stakeholders. Ideas, experiments and temporary uses are welcome as they contribute to long-term development and diverse uses in the inner city. Stakeholders ranging from property owners, retailers, municipal corporations and civil society groups are to be involved in the design to increase the diversity of non-commercial uses also.

Funds for pilot projects 

This new scheme is funded by the national "Sustainable Inner Cities and Centres" for novel urban concepts in the wake of the pandemic and changed consumer behaviour. Urban production, cultural facilities, more living space and alternative use concepts are imaginable. The ministry will fund pilot projects to turn these ideas around and in terms of content. Emphasis is on networking all those involved to harness new ideas such as events and exhibitions to make city centres even more vibrant.