EUR 500,000 in "MOVEUP" grant for pop music scene in Hamburg

Deadline for application ends on October 31, 2022
21 October 2022
Ein Live-Konzert beim Reeperbahn Festival

The Ministry of Culture and Media and the Rock City association has announced up to EUR 500,000 in "MOVEUP" grants for the pop music scene in Hamburg. Musicians, producers, bands and DJs can apply by the deadline of October 31, 2022. Grants of EUR 6,000 are available for composition and production while funds of EUR 7,000 are available for multimedia projects and marketing. Hopes are now high that the 62 grants will help revive the industry, which had been dealt a severe blow during the pandemic.  

Direct aid for live, public sector

"We and the cultural scene have done a lot in recent years to ensure that art and culture get through this difficult pandemic era as well as possible," said Dr. Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture and Media. The grants should help professional freelance musicians especially in the live and publishing sector to continue their work, Brosda added. The music scene needs direct help for their projects to get back into the business more easily, said Andrea Rothaug, Managing Director of Rock City. Unlike other grants, the recipients of "MOVEUP" do not have to repay the monies, she added.

Boosting all pop music genres

Both the ministry and Rock City have put EUR 1 million in funds from the senate's coronavirus funds towards the independent scene through various funding schemes since 2020. The "MOVEUP" grant is the last round of funding this year for musicians in all pop music genres. This includes music that cannot be classified as jazz, classical or new music. Thus, cross-genre and experimental bands can also apply for funding. More information about the grant and the application form can be found on Rock City's webpage.