Corporate initiative "Plastic-Free City" launches in Hamburg

Campaign to make corporate use of plastic visible, measurable and avoidable - six companies taking part
23 March 2021
Outer Alster

Six firms in Hamburg have joined the "Plastic-Free City" campaign to make plastic consumption in companies visible, measurable and avoidable. This comes on the heels of Rostock’s lead as the originator of the initiative. The UmweltPartnerschaft Hamburg’s Plastic-Free City campaign now aims to reduce single-use plastic consumption.

Alternatives to single-use plastic

"Reducing plastic consumption in daily life and business is an important step towards an environment and climate-friendly future," said Jens Kerstan, Senator for the Environment. The Plastic-Free City initiative highlights alternatives to plastic and enables companies to make a contribution to climate protection. The Gasnetz Hamburg, the Hamburg cemeteries, the Block Group, which specialises in gastronomy and the hotel industry, Marling Gebäudeservice, the food wholesaler Tuchel & Sohn and AMS Advanced Mobility Solutions GmbH have joined the campaign.

Avoiding plastic 

The companies first analyse their consumption and compile a so-called "plastic inventory" to save at least 10 per cent of single-use plastic in three months. "We have already reduced plastic packaging in our canteens and for office and advertising materials. The initiative's recording tool allows us to make consumption transparent," said Udo Bottlaender, Technical Managing Director at Gasnetz Hamburg. The company also aims to raise awareness among its employees of single-use plastics and to replace more packaging with sustainable alternatives, he added. 

Hamburg's start-ups setting good examples

The UmweltPartnerschaft Hamburg, established by the senate in 2003, has launched the initiative. The network comprises around 1,200 companies in different sectors and serves as a link between ecology and economy. Several fledgling companies including LignoPure and Bio-Lutions, are setting examples and producing sustainable alternatives to plastics or disposable plastics. Bracenet, Precious Plastic Hamburg, Recyclehero and numerous other start-ups and shops that go entirely without packaging are also backing the idea of "no plastic".